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Information Communications Technology
Hong Kong International Airport X Pho Imaging
PHO Imaging Limited
Hong Kong International Airport learned about Pho Imaging’s “high-speed imaging” technology through HKSTP, and went on to explore the feasibility to apply the technology in airport operation...
Information Communications Technology
Maxim’s Caterers X Ackuis Technology
Ackuis Technology
Committed to improving its industrial setup and enhancing its production process, Maxim’s Caterers connected with Ackuis Technology through HKSTP and adopted Ackuis’s product control management system...
Green Tech
CLP X Optical Sensing
Optical Sensing
CLP, a keen supporter of R&D in Hong Kong, collaborated with HKSTP to identify a matching and competitive local solution to monitor the temperature of the 132kV underground cables.
Information Communications Technology
Ocean Park X MotherApp
MotherApp Limited
Keenly aware that technology can improve operation and enhance the park experience for millions of visitors who visit the park every year, Ocean Park last year adopted the PFlow solution of Science Park company MotherApp. It is a unique advanced human traffic management system that integrates big data application and mobile technology to collect real-time visitor traffic information.
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