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Information Communications Technology
EIA PATH-2016 Solutions
Clustertech Limited
Advanced I.T. Solutions and Consultancy SINCE 2000 ClusterTech Limited is a leading provider of advanced I.T. solution and consultancy in Asia Pacif...
Information Communications Technology
Exaapp Limited
Exaapp is dedicated to provide efficient IT solutions for different industries with a special focus in retail, tourism and catering business. We build...
Information Communications Technology
User Experience (UX) Consulting
MotherApp Limited
MotherApp is a Hong Kong-based mobile consulting and solution provider dedicated to solving challenging business problems with mobile technologies, in...
Information Communications Technology
Product and Service
GreenSafety Technology Limited
GreenSafety Technology Limited (aka “GST”) is established in 2015. We focus on developing vehicle telematics, which in essence means the monitoring of...