Product and Service
Aurabeat Technology Limited
Roger SZE TO
Unit 212D, 2/F, IC Development Centre, No. 6 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.
Aurabeat aims to deliver sustainable clean air to everyone in the world. The founders invented the Acoustic Air Filtration technology – utilizing sound energy to greatly enhances air filter performance while reduces the energy consumption of the filtration process. Aurabeat develops products and solutions based on Acoustic Air Filtration and other environmental and energy technologies. Applications include building ventilation systems, air purification equipment and industry emission control.
Aurabeat’s patented Acoustic Air Filtration technology utilizes acoustic energy to induce vibration of the particles in air, which greatly increase their chances of being captured by air filter. This enhances filtration efficiency without adding air additional air resistance. The technology can be integrated with existing air filter for performance enhancement and energy saving. Thus, existing air filter manufacturers would be Aurabeat’s collaborators/technology licensees rather than competitors. We have developed air filter and air purifier products based on Acoustic Air Filtration.
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