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Beghelli Asia Pacific Limited
Stanley Ku
Unit 610, 6/F, Lakeside 2 No. 10 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, HK
+852 26205522
Founded in 1982 by Mr. Gian Pietro Beghelli, Beghelli S.p.A. is an Italian and European emergency lighting leader that also operates in the fields of energy saving lighting, photovoltaic systems, home appliances, industrial and civil safety and security systems. The Beghelli Group strongly believes in the value of research activities, to which it provides considerable investments, for the development of products featuring technologically advanced functions and cutting-edge design. The Beghelli Group, which has been listed in the Milan Stock Exchange, includes nine other international research, production and trading subsidiaries around the world. With its corporate office located in Hong Kong, Beghelli Asia Pacific Limited is the key operation unit in the Asia Pacific area. Since establishing in 1991, Beghelli Asia Pacific focuses on formulating the regional development strategies, commercialization and promotion activities, procurement and logistics management, and co-ordinating manufacturing process with its production base in China.
Emergency lighting is Beghelli's traditional segment and enjoys a prominent position of technological and commercial leadership. Beghelli manufactures a wide range of emergency lighting device, specific emphasis is given to products with centralised monitoring and self-diagnostic functions, which are the most advanced solutions to system testing and maintenance requirements, and in compliance with current industry standards. Green lighting includes LED lighting fixtures mainly designed for commercial, industrial, transportation, healthcare and education applications, with technological solutions aim at raising the level of energy-saving. Beghelli's innovations are aligned with the current EU directives and international standards in the general lighting industry. “LifeTree” is the Beghelli high concentration photovoltaic system, for which the motto is “The Energy of the Future for the Future of our Children”. Beghelli aims at reducing energy consumption and focusing on developing alternative and sustainable energy, particularly solar energy. Combined with the new generation of components developed at Beghelli's research centre, the ECOSOLE Project has spawned a photovoltaic system with revolutionary features in terms of both concept and measurable energy yield, assuring greater energy efficiency and reducing the impact on our Planet.
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