Product and Service
Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited
Tony Ho
Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited was established by team and alliance of local professional engineers, environmental research professional, energy management specialist in Hong Kong since 2010. Our business are expanding and we are specialized in application of technologies, engineering and management solutions for resolving ever severe environmental problems. We deliver consultancy services and environmental solutions for corporate clients by means of carbon and energy management approaches for satisfying clients’ demands of energy cost savings, statutory compliance, CSR, in-house benchmarking, environmental performance evaluation and planning, etc. for projects at Hong Kong and overseas.
Products and Services 1. Energy Management SunZero TM – Liquid window solar film applying on building window glass for reducing adverse infrared and UV in sun light that results in saving in indoor cooling energy and mitigate harmful effects by UV to people and furnishings. 2. Lighting LampMate TM – Highly diffusive optical material to enhance energy efficiency and output quality of lighting fitting and LED light source. 3. IAQ DecoMate – A serious of indoor air treatment solutions in the form of air spray and coating making use of effective environmental friendly technologies including Photo catalytic nano grade titanium dioxide for providing protective coating to indoor work space and household.
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