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CityTone Technology Limited
Steven Yeung
Unit 221, 2/F, 16W No. 16 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok HK
+852 31712030
CityTone is one of leading IT technology company in Hong Kong. Our main services included R&D, Solution & System Integration and IT Professional Service. And we focus technology on Cloud Computing, Green Technology and Mobile Solution. Our customers come from differences industry. They are including listed company or SME in manufacturing, education, retail and medical etc. Our vision is provide Efficient, Cost effective, Optimal (ECO) IT total solutions to our customers. As like as our mission is “CityTone bring you to success”
Cloud Energy Management Platform (CEMP) offers a comprehensive and innovative response for all organization, residential, building, industry, and electricity infrastructure and data center with energy remote monitoring & control service, which can help to turn energy savings into growth as simple as possible. Cloud Production Information System (CPIS) is a real-time product-checking system displaying the real-data to the production-related staff (worker and manager). The production data can be inputted by scanning barcode or RFID. It help to monitoring the status of production line and increase the efficiency. Inspection interface help to determine whether the product pass the criteria or not. With CPIS, managing a production industry will become an easy tasks. By using CEMP & CPIS, CPIS can record the power consumption and calculate carbon footprint of product easily.
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