Product and Service
Eco Link Building Materials Limited
Jacoe Yeung
Unit 107B, 1/F, Enterprise Place No. 5 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. HK
Eco Link Building Materials Limited supplies high quality building materials and provide environmental solutions to the customers to improve their sustainability performance and contribute to a healthy living environment. We lead a vast network of industry partners to develop innovative, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for buildings and construction projects. Our key green product, multifunctional air filter, is fabricated through the application of nano technology to achieve low pressure drop while maintaining high filtration efficiency. We treasure every opportunity to bring the products to the mind of the building services operation, construction and maintenance practitioners in Hong Kong and Macau. We have strong commitment to environmental protection and respect the Earth and the nature to ensure good health and a quality living environment at all times. Our Mission To become a market leader in sustainability through bringing in state-of-the-art technologies and innovative building materials and solutions for our customers. Our Vision To become a leading environmental friendly building materials supplier supporting the companies to excel their sustainability performance and cost efficiency in their construction and fitting out projects.
Energy-Saving Multi-functional Nanofiber air filters By making use industrial polymer and nano technology to fabricate filter media through high voltage, the nanofiber will be electrostatically charged during the production process. Such filter media would carry the characteristics of low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity, odor and VOC removal, bacteria killing ability and washable, while maintaining good filtration efficiency at a reasonable cost.
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