Product and Service
Energybox Limited
Connie Au
8F, Green 18, Hong Kong Science Park No. 18 Science Park East Avenue, Sha Tin Hong Kong
+852 29508000
Energybox® offers the technology and platform to empower and engage teams in your office, tenants of your apartments or family members at home to understand and save energy. What you get is the functionality of a smart sub meter plus circuit breaker level energy monitoring. It has never been easier. Energybox® is a lifestyle. Their visualization and energy saving platform, their patented 3D magnetic sensing technology and their machine learning intelligent system allow you to intuitively and easily manage energy consumption, set emission targets, reduce your permanent consumption and participate in available incentive and rebate programs and more. Manage your own energy consumption, costs and savings, with the Energybox® – Your Efficiency System.
Energybox carries two products lines - Energybox pro and Energybox home systems. Energybox pro system enables your companies to mange energy consumption, CO2 footprint, budgets and savings through the receipt of a monthly energy report. It also engage your teams or tenants and become a sustainable business or building. It consists of Energymonitor, Energypro, Energytag, Energybox Cloud and Energybox Setup Tool. The Energybox™ home system is a plug n play solution which will revolutionize the way we understand and live with energy at home. There will be no electricians required and consumers will be guided intuitively to get a grip of their home’s overall efficiency, energy consumption, saving opportunities and more. Monitor your Top 5 appliances and areas in real time. Reduce your CO2 footprint at home. Be part of a new lifestyle in energy
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