Product and Service
Govita Tech Limited
Vince Gao
Unit 311-312, Biotech centre two, Hong Kong Science Park, N.T, Hong Kong
+852 37026860
GOVITA TECH LIMITED is a Hong Kong-based, cutting-edge technology-driven company focusing on the research and development of innovative molecular biomarker panels and their applications in preventive health and anti-aging. The company has a talented team of cross-disciplinary scientists working in our state-of-the-art laboratory with a support of a world-class Scientific Advisory Board of life science research leaders and clinical practitioners. Our mission is to generate the scientific insights to empower clinicians and life scientists to make informed decisions.
-Develop and validate genetic, protein, metabolite biomarker panels for preventive health and anti-aging. -Provide R&D capability in molecular biomarker discovery and application in health and clinical areas. -Provide contract testing services to clinics, hospitals and health-check centres, government/ private agencies for clinical/ health, food safety, toxins/ poisons, drugs of abuse/ narcotics analysis, Chinese medicine/ natural products, therapeutic drug monitoring applications.
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