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Insight Robotics Limited
Kevin Chan
Unit 316, 3/F, Building 16W Building 16W, No. 16 Science Park West Hong Kong Science Park Shatin, New Territories
+852 2325 2777
We specialize in applied robotics and artificial intelligence, and our experts have extensive experience in disaster relief. By way of integrating engineering expertise and experience in worldwide disaster relief missions, our products exhibit higher efficiency and effectiveness. Our goal is to improve the quality of Disaster Management through the application of innovative technologies.
The Early Stage Wildfire Detection and Prediction Wireless Sensor Network is a fully automatic detection, reporting and prediction system for wildfire using wireless sensor network technologies. The system will be able to detect and report forest fire events in a short period of time (within minutes) to prevent the uncontrollable wide spread of wildfire. These data can be automatically feed into our simulation tool to predict the chances of the forest catching fire by natural factors.
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