Intralogue Limited
Liwei Deng
Unit 540, 5/F, Enterprise Place, No. 5 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T.
+852 5664 7751
Intralogue is an innovative software development company based in Hong Kong. We combine the latest AI technology with design thinking, reinventing modern research for creative practice and education. Our founders have more than ten years of combined experience in both the design and technology industries. It is their lifelong passion to innovate and create products that inspire others.

Intralogue provides artificial intelligence solution for knowledge management in institutions. It assists school and company to create a digital knowledge database with latest Natural Language Processing and Data Analytics technology, to improve learning, generating and applying knowledge in research and practice. Now it’s easier than ever to explore and analyse information from an entire ecosystem of knowledge—academic papers, journals, online article and books, and much more. Researcher, professionals and students can effectively broaden their understanding, and going further in-depth investigation while Intralogue helps them to discover key and relevant insights from the knowledge database. The purpose of Intralogue is to utilise collective intelligence and to look for ways to assist research, innovation and resource management for institution and individual.
Lexica is a dialogue system for library powered by AI. It delivers library service and resource to patrons through smart conversations; helps them to seek information and knowledge faster and better. Lexica integrates 3 primary library services; reference service, research assistant, and general enquiry.
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