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Founded in 2014, MDM is a Hong Kong based start-up developing property projects that are novel and technocentric. We are performing original research and sourcing a growing portfolio of cutting-edge technologies which could enhance the living quality of the general public significantly.
MatrixDeck System is a green technology. It is essentially a structural floor system that provides a 172kg per square meter of carbon emission saving when compared to conventional building system. It is a high performance reinforced concrete floor slab that allows greater column span and minimizes the material usage of concrete and steel reinforcement when compared to conventional structural floor system. It has many benefits that could be translated into cost saving or value-adding depending on the stakeholders involved.

By using the MatrixDeck System as a replacement for the structural slab alone shall generate a cost saving of 10% in superstructure construction. Further cost saving of up to 30% could be realized if a building project adopts the MatrixDeck system at the onset of project inception and design the building holistically with MatrixDeck system as the basis of integral building design and construction.

The building that employs the MatrixDeck System would also have a better quality in terms of sound insulation, thermal insulation, fire protection and environmental friendliness.
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