Product and Service
Neosen Energy HK Limited
Kelvin Wong
Unit 210B, 2/F, IC Development Centre No. 6 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T. HK
+852 93589400
Neosen Energy (HK) Limited is established in June 2015, with our electronics, software, mechanical and system engineering team located in U.S., Taiwan and People Republic of China in developing our most upfront wireless power solutions to worldwide developers and users. Our time to market solutions are claimed to be most flexible and most optimized especially on automotive category. With unique patents on power transfer on no matter transmitter or receiver side to perform active and passive power transfer via inductive mode, Neosen Energy is said to be the most innovative company in a very short future.
Neosen Energy has just granted 2 patents in ‘smart battery charging’ and it is to be a revolutionary wireless charging solution with zero crossing and automatic load detection so that the same load can charge or discharge with other devices. In other words, a bi-directional wireless charging mechanism. A ‘buddy-to-buddy’ concept is announced by Samsung and Dell by last year, giving a wireless charging device (tablets, smartphones) with both transmitter and receiver at back cases, when device are paired back to back, either transmitter or receiver will switch on in providing direct battery transfer from one to another. However, the cost is too high and the space limitation to the case, leading the concept to leave behind. Neosen’s smart battery charging patents is covering the exact concept but with only a single controller, a single coil to perform both charging and discharging function. In other words, the single controller performs either a transmitter or receiver (active or passive charging).
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