Product and Service
Well Being Digital Limited
Mr. Kow
+852 35719877
Well Being Digital (WBD101) is a Hong Kong based company that aims to enable affordable & accurate underlying technologies for mHealth/wearable devices. We have successfully implemented our algorithms onto Infra-red sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope, we experienced in supporting productization and commercialization for Fortune 500 customers (Parrot, Philips, Motorola, Haier America, New Balance, etc.) We target to help brand owners add value to their wearables / hearables / sensorhubs. If you are looking for earphones factories that uses our technology, we can introduce you to Foxlink, TaiSing Industries or Awei. Please contact You can read about ActivHearts™ at, or
Whether you are designing wearables or hearables, we provide sensing algorithms and hardware reference design to help you, including heart rate sensing and motion sensing. Our technology is probably the lowest power consuming, the smallest in mechanical requirements and the lowest cost and it is certainly 3rd party apps compatible, including Polar Beat™, Runkeeper™, MiCoach™, Wahoo Utility™, Runtastic™ and any apps that is compatible to the Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Profile (HRP). Bluetooth Smart has been enabled starting in iPhone 4S, Android 4.3 and Windows 8 GDR3.
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