Personal Information Collection Statement

From time to time, it is necessary for individual customers and individuals providing guarantees on their behalf (collectively, "guarantors") or (where customers or guarantors are businesses, other organisations or schools, incorporated or otherwise) their individual representatives (including but not limited to their directors, other officers, employees and staff members) (in this statement these individual representatives will also be referred to generally as "customers" and "guarantors", as the context requires, and, in paragraph 6 below, as "Representatives") to supply HKSTP with data in connection with their application for (i) participating in events, conferences and activities organised by HKSTP, (ii) using or leasing the facilities and premises provided by HKSTP and the administration in relation thereto, and (iii) receiving newsletters, other news about HKSTP and its partners in the fields of education, social services, technology and related businesses, event and conference invitations, and other relevant information from HKSTP (items (i) to (iii) will be referred to in this statement collectively as "Services"). These data may include name, title, telephone number, email address, mailing address, copies, and other details, of identity documents, and other contact and personal details